2015 Yamaha MT09 Tracer — Owner's Manual

Posted on 20 Sep, 2015
Model: 2015 Yamaha MT09 Tracer
Pages: 114

File size: 3 MB

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Manual Description
While the open design of a motorcycle reveals the attractiveness of the technology, it also makes it more vulnerable. Rust and corrosion can develop even if high-quality components are used. A rusty exhaust pipe may go unnoticed on a car, however, it detracts from the overall appearance of a motorcycle. Frequent and proper care does not only comply with the terms of the warranty, but it will also keep your motorcycle looking good, extend its life and optimize its performance.

Before cleaning: 1. Cover the muffler outlet with a plastic bag after the engine has cooled down. 2. Make sure that all caps and covers as well as all electrical couplers and connectors, including the spark plug caps, are tightly installed. 3. Remove extremely stubborn dirt, like oil burnt onto the crankcase, with a degreasing agent and a brush, but never apply such products onto seals, gaskets, sprockets, the drive chain and wheel axles. Always rinse the dirt and degreaser off with water.

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