2018 Yamaha MT125 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 2 Oct, 2018
Model: 2018 Yamaha MT125
Pages: 96

File size: 7 MB

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Manual Description
These nize that some aftermarket accessoaccessories may also cause inries or modifications are not suitable stability when passing or being because of potential safety hazards to passed by large vehicles. If the warning light does not come on ble wheel lock during emergency braking. Instrument and control functions come on to indicate that the function is activated or the light will go off to indicate that the function is deactivated.

The lever should be pulled rapidly and released slowly for smooth clutch operation. Push the fuel tank cap into position with the key inserted in the lock. Insert the projection on the front of the rider seat into the seat holder as shown.

Failing to do so will prevent the engine from starting even though the engine will crank when pushing the start switch. Shift the transmission into the the clutch lever pulled and the neutral position. Start the engine by pushing the sure that the engine stop switch is start switch.

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