2015 Yamaha NMAX — Owner's Manual

Posted on 20 Sep, 2015
Model: 2015 Yamaha NMAX
Pages: 90

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Manual Description
The V-belt replacement indicator “VBELT” will flash at every 18000 km (10500 mi) thereafter to indicate that the V-belt should be replaced. After replacing the V-belt, reset the Vbelt replacement tripmeter and the Vbelt replacement indicator. To reset them both, select the V-belt replacement tripmeter, and then push the “RESET” button for one second. Then, while “V-BELT” and the V-belt replacement tripmeter are flashing, push the “RESET” button for three seconds.

The V-belt replacement indicator will be reset. If the V-belt is replaced before the Vbelt replacement indicator comes on (i.e., before the periodic V-belt replacement interval has been reached), the Vbelt replacement tripmeter must be reset for the next periodic V-belt replacement to be indicated at the correct time. This model is equipped with a self-diagnosis device for various electrical circuits. If a problem is detected in any of those circuits, the engine trouble warning light will come on and the display will indicate an error code.

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