2015 Yamaha VIKING — Owner's Manual

Posted on 5 Mar, 2021
Model: 2015 Yamaha VIKING
Pages: 182

File size: 4 MB

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Manual Description
Holding onto the handhold helps to reduce the likelihood that the passengers put a hand outside the vehicle if the vehicle begins to tip. The driver should make sure the passengers are holding onto the handhold with both hands before operating the vehicle. Slide the handhold to the desired position and align the holes in the handhold bar with the holes in the handhold supports.

Do not put your hand or arm on or outside of the shoulder bolster during operation. Grip the steering wheel so that your thumbs will not be hit by the spokes. Help protect you if outside objects intrude inside the vehicle during operation.

Avoid higher speeds until you are thoroughly familiar with the operation of your vehicle. Take the time to learn basic operation of the vehicle before attempting more difficult maneuvers. The centrifugal clutch will engage and the vehicle will begin to accelerate.

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