2009 Yamaha YZ450F — Owner's Manual

Posted on 18 Sep, 2015
Model: 2009 Yamaha YZ450F
Pages: 190

File size: 12 MB

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Manual Description
If your machine is to be stored for 60 days or more, some preventive measures must be taken to avoid deterioration. After cleaning the machine thoroughly, prepare it for storage as follows: 1. Drain the fuel tank, fuel lines, and the carburetor float bowl. 2. Remove the spark plug, pour a tablespoon of SAE 10W-30 motor oil in the spark plug hole, and reinstall the plug.

With the engine stop switch pushed in, kick the engine over several times to coat the cylinder walls with oil. 3. Remove the drive chain, clean it thoroughly with solvent, and lubricate it. Reinstall the chain or store it in a plastic bag tied to the frame. 4. Lubricate all control cables.

5. Block the frame up to raise the wheels off the ground. 6. Tie a plastic bag over the exhaust pipe outlet to prevent moisture from entering. 7. If the machine is to be stored in a humid or salt-air environment, coat all exposed metal surfaces with a film of light oil. Do not apply oil to rubber parts or the seat cover.

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