2013 Yamaha YZ450F — Owner's Manual

Posted on 18 Sep, 2015
Model: 2013 Yamaha YZ450F
Pages: 228

File size: 11 MB

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Manual Description
The main function of a fuel supply system is to provide fuel to the combustion chamber at the optimum air-fuel ratio in accordance with the engine operating conditions and the atmospheric temperature. In the conventional carburetor system, the air-fuel ratio of the mixture that is supplied to the combustion chamber is created by the volume of the intake air and the fuel that is metered by the jet used in the respective carburetor. Despite the same volume of intake air, the fuel volume requirement varies by the engine operating conditions, such as acceleration, deceleration, or operating under a heavy load. Carburetors that meter the fuel through the use of jets have been provided with various auxiliary devices so that an optimum air-fuel ratio can be achieved to accommodate the constant changes in the operating conditions of the engine.

This model has adopted an electronically controlled fuel injection (FI) system, in place of the conventional carburetor system. This system can achieve an optimum air-fuel ratio required by the engine at all times by using a microprocessor that regulates the fuel injection volume according to the engine operating conditions detected by various sensors.

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