2023 Citroën Ami Owner's Manual

2023 Citroën Ami Owner's Manual
Posted on 30 Mar, 2023
Model: 2023 Citroën Ami
Pages: 44

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2023 Citroën Ami

The 2023 Citroën Ami is designed as an innovative and accessible urban electric vehicle, ideal for navigating busy city streets. With its minimalistic approach, the Ami offers a solution to urban transportation challenges, emphasizing simplicity, affordability, and practicality. It's particularly appealing to those seeking an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cars or public transport.


  • Powertrain
    • Electric motor powered by a 5.5kWh lithium-ion battery.
    • Power output: 8 hp (6 kW).
  • Range
    • Up to 43 miles (70 km) on a full charge, suitable for city driving and short commutes.
  • Charging
    • Can be charged from a standard electrical socket in about 3 hours.
  • Top Speed
    • Maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), designed for urban environments.
  • Dimensions
    • Very compact dimensions, making it easy to maneuver and park in tight spaces.
  • Seating
    • Two seats, catering to the driver and one passenger.

The Citroën Ami is priced to be an affordable urban mobility solution. In markets where it is available, it starts at around $7,000 to $8,000.

Similar Models:

  • Renault Twizy
    • A small, two-seat electric vehicle designed for urban mobility, offering a similar concept in terms of city commuting.
  • Smart EQ fortwo
    • An ultra-compact electric vehicle designed for city driving, offering a higher top speed and more features.
  • SEAT Minimó
    • A concept vehicle that blends the features of a car with the agility of a motorcycle, aimed at urban transportation.

Overall, the Citroën Ami is a niche vehicle catering to a specific need for urban mobility in certain markets.

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Year 2023
Make Citroën
Model Ami
Language English
Pages 44
Filetype PDF (Download)
File size 1 MB

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