2014 Fiat 500e — User guide

Posted on 6 Apr, 2015
Model: 2014 Fiat 500e
Pages: 92

File size: 3 MB

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Manual Description
Your new vehicle has many features for the comfort and convenience of you and your passengers. This guide illustrates and describes the operation of features and equipment that are either standard or optional on this vehicle. This guide may also include a description of features and equipment that are no longer available or were not ordered on this vehicle.

Please disregard any features and equipment described in this guide that are not available on this vehicle. It contains most things you will need to operate and maintain the vehicle, including emergency information. By converting from paper to electronic delivery for the majority of the user information for your vehicle, together we greatly reduce the demand for tree-based products and lessen the stress on our environment.

If you are experiencing difficulties with any of your wireless features, try disconnecting your aftermarket devices to see if the situation improves. See your authorized dealer for information on the disposal of the battery if it should require replacement. The contactors will produce a clicking noise that can be heard from within the vehicle.

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