2007 KIA Sedona — Features & function guide

Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2007 KIA Sedona
Pages: 38

File size: 11 MB

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Manual Description
The flipbook format facilitates information access, while the detailed illustrations ten o e C ensure the instructions are easy to follow. It is not ls meant as a substitute for your Owner's Manual. While the information contained in this guide is accurate at the time of printing, Kia may change g vehicle specifications without notice in advance or after the fact, and assumes no liability in tina connection with such changes.

Always check the Owner's Manual for complete operating information and safety warnings. Panic: Press the panic button F for longer than 1 second. Please refer to your Owner's Manual for more information on the function of all the warning lights.

If the needle nears H,” the E engine is overheating. The system will turn on a warning light to alert the driver of tire(s) with a low pressure condition, check/correct to extinguish warning light. For proper maintenance, safety, and maximum fuel economy, you must always maintain recommended tire infl ation pressures and stay within the load limits and weight distribution recommended for your vehicle.

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