2010 Volvo S80 — Brochure

Posted on 8 Apr, 2015
Model: 2010 Volvo S80
Pages: 52

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Manual Description
Volvo's premium source of power, the 311 hp V8, combines enormous capacity with superior refinement. With advanced, hyper-efficient fuel management systems, each available Volvo engine maximizes performance in the smartest way possible. With it you'll experience quicker steering and a sure, planted feeling at all times, in all corners.

Devour miles of highway with grace and then relish the twists and turns that lead you home in time for dinner. Volvo designers feel they've created an environment ideal for driver and passenger alike. For example, the seats set the standard for ergonomic and aesthetic excellence – and with ventilated front seats**, integrated fans can help you stay cool.

In any case, this wood, exquisite leather surroundings, and a cabin so quiet you can hear the sound of is a car that enjoys the highest standards – as will everyone who travels aboard. Relax in lush surroundings finely detailed by ambient lighting throughout and enjoy. The ventilated front seats are fully upholstered in the thick Executive nubuck-trimmed textile mats.

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