2022 Yamaha E01 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 21 Dec, 2022
Model: 2022 Yamaha E01
Pages: 120
File size: 5 MB

Download from Yamaha-Motor.com

Manual Description
Insert the charging plug into the charging connector until it locks into place. Make sure the indicator light is off and unplug the charging plug from the charging connector. The right-most segment of the lithium-ion battery level meter will not flash.

Wrap the power cable onto the lower groove and the rubber feet on the bottom side of the battery charger. Insert the projection of the battery charger into the indent on the front side of the storage compartment. Lithium-ion batteries can be repeatedly partially charged without needing to be fully discharged.

Squeeze the rear brake with your left hand to prevent the vehicle from moving. Check the lithium-ion battery level meter to make sure that the remaining charge is sufficient. The operating status indicator comes on in green and the vehicle is now ready to start off.

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